Hockey betting at Parimatch

As one of the most advanced bookmakers in the world, Parimatch provides players with many options for ice hockey betting.

Hockey, being one of the oldest sports, has long attracted many bettors, especially placing Canada bets. The reason is simple: Canada`s national team is respected by the inhabitants and has shown a masterful game for many decades, months, and years.

And only on ice hockey betting best site, a bettor will be able to find an exodus for each on-match event and odds, which are higher than many different bookies. Also, a pleasant surprise will be a convenient live line and a simple interface for creating a bet ticket.

What is a hockey bet?

A hockey bet is an opportunity to predict the outcome of events in a duel between two teams and, accordingly, having made the right choice, get a well-deserved win. The standard and most common is to predict the winner of the battle. But besides this, dozens of different events take place in each match, which is also a reason for a bet.

How to place hockey bets correctly

To place a bet on hockey correctly, it is needed to understand the difference in odds. The odds are formed by comparing the capabilities of both teams and the expected outcome. For example, the higher the win rate for the first team, the lower the predicted probability of winning. This also means that the second team has better chances, but the odds will be noticeably lower.

In addition, for those who are just starting to get involved in online hockey betting, it’s more correct to place bets on one event, or create a ticket for several events, but with simple outcomes that will be easy to guess.

Types of hockey bets

  • Win or draw

The most basic type of bet at which the bettor predicts the winning side or a draw in the match. A lot of fans who are just starting to master hockey sports betting are choosing this outcome.

  • Handicap

Thanks to this betting option, you can significantly increase the chances of one of the teams or take risks by understating the result. In a handicap, a certain number of points is added or subtracted to the team’s final result. 

  • Total

Among experienced bettors, the total is the top choice among hockey betting lines. A bet on total is calculated based on the total number of goals scored. The total should be both less and more than a certain value. 

How to make money betting on hockey

For the betting hockey matches to be successful, it is needed to keep track of various match predictions, follow the news about the players, etc. This information will help to determine the correct outcome of an event that can bring profit.

How to bet on hockey with Parimatch

Before starting to place bets on hockey, a player must register on the site. This is a quick procedure that only takes a couple of minutes.

After that, the bettor can replenish the balance by any method convenient for him and start drawing up a ticket.