Tennis betting at Parimatch

Parimatch Canada allows its users to choose the tennis category. Tennis is the second most popular sport in bookmakers after football. Live tennis betting is very popular, as a tennis match is much more dynamic than football, and events change here much more often. Players who do not want to wait for a goal to be scored in football prefer to bet on tennis, choosing the winners of games and sets right during the match. That is why the volume of betting on tennis on some days outstrips the volume of betting on football.

Is tennis good for betting?

Tennis is great for lovers of Canada bets, if only because there are only two possible outcomes of a match. With a serious approach, tennis bets for matches, games, sets and the like are guaranteed to become a good source of additional or main income. True, this will require learning, and this takes time and the bettor’s desire because, to make money, you need to know how to place tennis bets correctly.

How to bet on tennis correctly

Online tennis betting requires high knowledge of the rules of the game. Without studying a pile of statistics and applying advanced strategies in tennis, as in any other sport, success is unlikely to come. A successful online tennis bettor should be not only a practicing expert in probability theory and a sports analyst but also a psychologist. Then he will always be able to answer, first of all to himself, the question of how to place reasonable bets on tennis.

Types of tennis bets

In the process of betting tennis, fans need to understand what betting options exist.

  1. Outcome – which of the athletes will be able to win.
  2. Total – the number of games, sets and statistics.
  3. Individual total – the actions of one player are counted.
  4. Handicap – the difference in the score for games or sets.
  5. The exact score in a set or match.
  6. Match duration – how long the match will last.
  7. The player loses the first set but wins the meeting.
  8. Set / match – the result of the first set and the whole game (analogous to the outcome of a time/match in football).
  9. Betting on statistics: tie-breaks, match balls, breakpoints, double faults.

The most profitable tennis betting strategy

Experts regularly try to develop new approaches to tennis betting. There is no best betting tennis strategy, but there is one that is perfect for beginners and this is a double bet. Its essence is that two bets are made on one event. If only one bet passes, the player does not lose anything, and if there are two transactions, then the money allocated for these bets is doubled.

How to bet on tennis with Parimatch

The first step for every beginner is choosing the tennis betting best site. In all world ratings, Parimatch is the most honest bookie platform.

There are just a few steps to the first win:

  1. Passing the quick registration.
  2. Topping up the account.
  3. Choosing the favourite team and making a bet.